July 5, 2012

A Touch of Context

A Twisby is a nonsense word. It's a nothing and an everything; a this and a that. It covers all manner of ground without getting stuck in one meaning for too long. It's a like young adults, and those even younger adults referred to as "tweens".  Which is why it's also the name of this blog.

This blog serves primarily as the gathering place for the reviews I'm writing on materials for adolescents  between the ages of 9-14, though it may morph into a blog for YA reviews as well - but not yet. Adolescence is a dicey, gray-area period in the life of a rapidly maturing young person. Making things all the more interesting is the fact that not every twelve year old is emotionally twelve years old. There are twelve year old late bloomers who are emotionally ten and happy to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid with religious ferver. Then there are the precocious ones who are aimed firmly at twenty and gobbling up Twilight in the fifth grade. In deference to this fact, the materials I've selected to review cover a wide range, from chapter book series for fifth and sixth graders to horror and paranormal romance. But there is a lot missing. With so many new books and authors and series and trends, there is no shortage of material to read, enjoy and evaluate, so this blog is far from comprehensive. That said, it's pretty humble about that and will do it's absolute best to crank out quality, if not quantity.

 And now without further ado, The Reviews.....

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